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33843Re: Bows for sale Ad

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  • hugo_von_gutenbach
    Jul 9, 2013
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      Yea, this has been common for years. The easy way to minimize it is to put your info in the body of the message where an spam bot can't easily use it.

      example :
      "call me at 999.999.9999


      email me at ihatespam @ gmail . com (no spaces)"

      By doing this I tend to only get 1 in a 7 day period. They also tend to target higher priced items.

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, richard johnson <rikjohnson39@...> wrote:
      > FYI
      > I placed an ad on CL for four of my extra bows.
      > Within hours I had 9 responses.
      > ALL were from a CL address, none placed their own e-mail in the reply.
      > ALL were generic messages.
      > MOST had a name in the signature that did NOT match the name in the address.
      > FOUR were from the same person, same message.
      > Within 2 days I had two-dozen porn spam messages.
      > TWO were from out-of-town and were the "I'll mail you a check and send a
      > relative to pick the item up" message then they send a check for more than
      > asked and they request change.
      > This is something to think about when selling anything.
      > Spam ads and con men tend to ruin the thing for honest people.
      > Be careful out there when selling or even buying items over the internet.
      > --
      > Rick Johnson
      > http://Rick-Johnson.webs.com
      > "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined
      > security will soon find that they have neither."
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