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  • ladyjohannatrewpeny
    Jul 8, 2013
      Thanks to AnTir's Kingdom Royal Archer providing the shoot at AnTir/West War we were able to shoot the "Five Pillars" Summer Society Seasonal 2013 shoot and it was Really Fun! I hope you all get to shoot it! (Someone put a silly war field in the way of so we'll have to do the flight section later.)

      About the voting. Once again we had a timeline issue. The poll was not available on the date planned and when I did find it later the poll information said it had expired. It still let me vote and I saw postings by Meister Jonathas to the effect that it would, but that may have killed some responses. When the second poll was re-started I heard of it but was unable to get online to participate during it's short run. Hopefully both these issues can be resolved in the future. Don't fret about participation in the polls. The lists show there is participation in the shoots which is the main thing. Perhaps they don't care which they shoot.... let those of us who do care enjoy our privilege of voting without worrying about those who don't. As people participate in the SSAC shoots they will grow to be a standard part of Archery, like the IKAC. With more marshals planning to run Novelty shoots under the GAT they will likely pay more attention to the SSAC and will voice their opinions! Keep positive!
      Lady Johanna
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