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33811Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Strings newbie help?

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  • Siegfried
    Jul 3, 2013
      Your rule is simpler than mine. Mine has always been walking through
      the following mention formula:

      1. B-50 is rated at 50 lbs

      2.1 However on an endless loop string, you have half as many at the ends
      2.2 On a Flemish string, the 'weave' is only 50% as strong.

      3. Therefore, you need to at least double it.

      4. Now, multiply by 4 for a safety factor. Because, ummm, yeah. BE SAFE.


      So that meant to me: 30# bow? means I need at least 2 strands, so I
      make an 8 strand string.

      80# combat crossbow? I'd need 4 strands. So I make a 16 strand string.

      130# crossbow? I'd need 6 strands, so I make a 24 strand string.

      ... It's a lot more rough of math, and if I'm close to a limit (50, 100,
      150), I'll add an extra bundle of 4. So a 50# bow gets 12 strand, 100#
      crossbow gets 20 strand, and 150# crossbow gets 28.


      On 7/3/13 3:06 AM, Bill Tait wrote:
      > There is also a risk of making the string too thin, resulting in what is
      > called a "critical" string. If it is too thin, it will not react the
      > same from shot to shot. I played once with different string thicknesses
      > and brace heights. The guideline for B-50 (Dacron) is 3-4 lbs (bow
      > poundage) per strand. My 30# should have had 8 as a "thin" string. 6 was
      > far too few :) It lasted 13 shots before letting go. Thankfully it
      > didn't fail catastrophically, but rather the brace height dropped to
      > just a few inches.
      > PS: A good finger tab will keep your fingers from hurting, and will
      > improve your consistency.
      > William Arwemakere
      > On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 11:52 PM, Caterina Fortuna <cat4tuna@...
      > <mailto:cat4tuna@...>> wrote:
      > __
      > My lord has experimented some with modern materials, like certain
      > types of fishing line, dacron, fast flight,...
      > What this means it's some of his strings are very thin. So thin that
      > I requested a thicker serving to keep my fingers from hurting. The
      > thicker the bowstring the slower it responds. We check our arrow
      > velocity at our local archery shop. This is helpful when tuning your
      > bow...
      > Serving (thread) comes in different thicknesses. You can also add an
      > extra layer or two in the area where your fingers pull.
      > We compromised by making a thin string with a thicker serving where
      > my fingers pull.
      > Cat

      Barun Siegfried Sebastian Faust, OP - Baron Highland Foorde - Atlantia
      http://hf.atlantia.sca.org/ - http://crossbows.biz/ - http://eliw.com/
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