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33768Re: [SCA-Archery] Archery rules question

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  • Bernhard Rohrer
    Jul 1, 2013
      I admittedly just find it awkward. Because in my opinion it would be chivalric to not touch any arrows and thus risk the chance of inadvertently falsifying one's own or somebody else's result. Let alone flatten the target *shudders*


      On 01/07/13 16:44, Bill Tait wrote:

      And I now twitch watching people score I  the sca. I have even seen people flattening out the target to see where the line wouod be if that wrinkle were not there.

      I think that rule is not in our gwme to keep it fun ane less serious. But. There are a number of rules in sca archery that are more restrictive than in FITA.

      Williqm Arwemakere

      On 2013-07-01 8:39 AM, "Bernhard Rohrer" <graylion@...> wrote:

      Greetings good gentles

      I have just come back to SCA Archery after 10 year's abstention and have reread all rules to refamiliarise myself. I have noticed with interest that no rulset mentions a rule that all mundane archers have in flesh and blood - an arrow that got touched before it got scored does not count, as a touch can induce a line break. Is this an intentional ommission? If so, I would be interested in the intent behind it.



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