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33342Re: [SCA-Archery] SSAC rules

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  • Jonathas
    May 28 9:28 AM
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      There are a number of different ways to get there:

      From the main home page you can access it directly, it is listed on the 'Scores Pages' (where all the kingdoms are listed) as part of the 'Quivers and Quarrels' community.  Expanding this give direct access to the SSAC as well as the GAT and Newsletter.

      From anywhere in the site, on the Home menu you can find the 'Scores Home Pages', select 'Target Archery Pages', and once again select 'QnQ'.  This will bring you to the Quivers and Quarrels home page, where you can access the SSAC, GAT, and Newletter.

      Finally if you are typing the address directly, I try to make shortcut addresses that make sense to where you are trying to go. www.scores-sca.org/ssac will take you directly to the SSAC Rules.  Likewise www.scores-sca.org/gat does the same for the GAT, and www.scores-sca.org/qnq/newsletter gets you to the newsletter.

      Sorry, I missed adding it to the Ealdormere site, that will be corrected shortly (if I've missed adding it as a menu option to any other kingdom sites please let me know).

      In Service,

      On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 8:56 PM, Susan Carroll-Clark <nicolaa.de.bracton@...> wrote:


      Can someone point me at the rules for the current SSAC? I didn't see
      the left-hand link on the Scores site...


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