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33192Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Who shoots "one eye shut?" Both eyes? and more

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  • Oscar Van Loveren 000724 recon
    May 17, 2013
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      As a professional pilot of 26 years I have to call urban
      legend on that part. Yes, there are people with exceptional
      eyesight. Pilots are 20/20 correctable. No more, no less.


      > I think Stan Lee did a thing on his Real Life Super
      > Heroes show about people with extraordinary eyesight.
      > The program said that pilots and some other folks simply
      > see much better than the average person because they have
      > more rods and cones. Byron Ferguson was one of those
      > people in the show. There is a YouTube of Byron shooting
      > out the flame of a candle. On his first shot he
      > accomplishes the task but then says "Well I missed with
      > that one. It was the fletches that hit the flame." It
      > takes pretty good eyes to actually see that! In this
      > thread some have discussed wearing glasses and having
      > damaged eyes. Perhaps one major factor in shooting
      > extraordinarily well is having extraordinary vision. I
      > know for myself when folks say "Aim for the little X in
      > the middle of the target" at 40 yards I respond with
      > "There's a target at 40 yards?" :-) .
      > You just can't hit what you can't see.
      > cog

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