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33176Re: Who shoots "one eye shut?" Both eyes?

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  • ladyjohannatrewpeny
    May 15, 2013
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      I have the left eye dominance and astigmatism also. I have not succeeded at left handed shooting, so far, so I am still a right handed shooter. I had several bits of information that were helpful to me given from various sources which have improved my instinctive shooting.
      1) Don't keep your dominant eye closed because it can mess up your dominance and also you won't have a depth/distance guage.
      2) Start with new targets/distances by putting the point of the arrow on the target's center.
      Which target? Yes, I see two even at 20yds.
      I have found that if I close my left eye as I draw and force my right eye to KNOW which is the 'Real Center' and then open both eyes before firing I am usually more 'on target'. On a good day I can be Great.... but conversely on a bad day a newbie can outshoot me. For me it's about how tired/overwhelmed my brain is and if it can handle the mental exercise finding the right circle. I've also found I can shoot at almost ANY target that Isn't a circle with more accuracy. Bah Royal Rounds and IKACs.

      On the 'what did they do about closing eyes back in the Historical Period we're working on...... check out this snippet of one of my favorite Historicals. (Toxophilus found in Archery Library - links posted by SirJon here previously)

      From Roger Ascham's 'Toxophilus' 1545
      "Some shooteth his head forward, as though he would bite the mark ; another stareth with his eyes, as though they should fly out; another winketh with one eye and looketh with the other; some make a face with writhing their mouth and countenance so, as though they were doing you wot what; another bleareth out his tongue ; another biteth his lips; another holdeth his neck awry......(after a few dozen other characteristics, which are well noted, so read them for a laugh and an education on what to avoid)
      .......Now imagine an archer that is clean without all these faults, and I am sure every man would be delighted to see him shoot."

      Have fun becoming the Delight of the Archery Range!
      Sweeps a curtsy,
      Lady Johanna

      PS> We have done some both eyes shut, with spotters... it's very fun!
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