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33162Re: Who shoots "one eye shut?" Both eyes? and more

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  • The Greys
    May 14, 2013
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      I think Stan Lee did a thing on his Real Life Super Heroes show about people with extraordinary eyesight. The program said that pilots and some other folks simply see much better than the average person because they have more rods and cones. Byron Ferguson was one of those people in the show. There is a YouTube of Byron shooting out the flame of a candle. On his first shot he accomplishes the task but then says "Well I missed with that one. It was the fletches that hit the flame." It takes pretty good eyes to actually see that! In this thread some have discussed wearing glasses and having damaged eyes. Perhaps one major factor in shooting extraordinarily well is having extraordinary vision. I know for myself when folks say "Aim for the little X in the middle of the target" at 40 yards I respond with "There's a target at 40 yards?" :-) .

      You just can't hit what you can't see.

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