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33159Re: Who shoots "one eye shut?" Both eyes?

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  • aelric_southlake
    May 13, 2013
      Wow... Cool. THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, who took the time to weigh in.

      Phew! I'm glad to hear I don't have to stop shooting with both eyes open. Sounds like there are good reasons and rationales for both.

      Edmund, you struck a chord twice when you (1) mentioned Byron Ferguson (I've watched some of his stuff, in awe, on Youtube, and have heard of the "Become the Arrow" thing - so I'm happy to hear HE shoots 2 eyes), and (2) when you described compound bows as having "training wheels." ha ha ha

      I thought I was being whitty & original when I once referred to compounds as having "training wheels." Was happy and laughed out loud when I saw that. {Note: I own one, and see the reasons and benefits of compounds - I've just chosen not to go down that road anymore}

      I shoot lefty, do everything left-handed, and am pretty sure I am left eye dominant - my left eye is MUCH stronger than my right eye. But now I'm wondering if that necessarily means it is the dominant eye. Oh well, even if it isn't, and that it might keep me from ever being any good, there is NO WAY I could switch hands at this point... I am TOO old, and TOO set in my ways, ha ha ha

      BUT all of this has been VERY interesting.

      Aelric, West K.
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