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33153Re: Who shoots "one eye shut?" Both eyes?

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  • edmund_penyngton
    May 13, 2013
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      I have been taught to shoot with both eyes open since the first time I picked up a bow as a little boy.

      I am naturally left handed, and right-eye dominant, so I shoot a right handed bow. I shoot strictly "instinctive" (for lack of a better term), not gap shooting or some other "aiming" method. I try to follow Byron Ferguson's method he calls "Become the Arrow." This involves focusing entirely on the target itself, rather than the tip of the arrow in relation to the target.

      As such, both eyes open is *absolutely* critical in this method. When you close one eye your depth perception is somewhat altered, which would make a huge difference. I would imagine, with sufficient practice, it would be possible to overcome this, but considering how long I've shot with both eyes open... I doubt I'll be switching any time soon.

      In fact, the only time I recall shooting a bow "one eye closed" was during my "confused teenage years" when I shot one of those modern contraptions that pass for bows these days... You know, the ones with "training wheels"? ^^

      --Edmund of Penyngton

      Live Weapons Marshal

      Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
      Shire of Coill Fhionnabhann

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "aelric_southlake" <magnetcoil@...> wrote:
      > Greetings, strange question (?) here...
      > Was talking to a guy who once shot traditional at a national level, and he mentioned that he shoots with one eye shut. It dawned on me that I had never tried that, nor had even THOUGHT about it - which is weird because I shoot rifles with one eye shut.
      > I am completely self taught as far as archery goes (need some real lessons), and was wondering if it isn't just common sense, or something, to shoot with one eye, or if that's some kind of "higher level" technique.
      > I tried it earlier today with unpleasant results, ha ha ha. I think, now that I've been doing it "my" way, it'd be a hard adjustment.
      > How do you all out there shoot - one eye or two? Anyone have the skinny on the rhymes or reasons for either way? Does it matter?
      > As always, thanks for any replies,
      > Aelric, West K.
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