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33134Re: Helical vs straight fletching

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  • The Greys
    May 10, 2013
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      My personal experience tends to agree with Edward here. I've been making my own arrows for some time. I've tried straight, diagonal and helicoil fletching. I've gone so far was to weigh each finished arrow and code them to within 25 grain weights. The thought process was, if I make 18 - 24 arrows in one batch but only need 6 for a Royal Round use the 6 that are closest in weight. I've even done the "mark each shaft, aim at same point, record where shaft actually hits", then use the most consistent of the batch process. After all of this I have concluded that while having good arrows does count, improved technique and lots of practice goes much farther. There is also the basic fact that ALL arrows turn in flight. Straight fletched the least, helicoil the most.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "lekervere" <edwoodguy@...> wrote:
      > In this case the use of a compound bow with a mechanical release serves to make the test more consistent, and therefore more relevant. The only way to make it more consistent would be to use a mechanical shooting machine that completely eliminated the human shooter. The test shows that if all other things are reasonably consistent, the spiral fletching does contribute to a somewhat tighter grouping. I still think there are very few of us with form so consistent that this would make a difference in our scores.
      > Edward le Kervere
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