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33117Re: Which Bitzenburger do you recommend

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  • aelric_southlake
    May 5, 2013
      Hey Tom, That's a nice fletch jig, widely considered the industry
      standard. I use a Jo-Jan, and love it. And congratulations on taking
      your first steps into the world of making your own arrows!

      You say you are shooting a longbow - modern (arrow shelf, pistol-ish
      grip) or "period" (off the knuckle)? I ask because if you are shooting
      a modern longbow you might as well fletch helical. But if you are
      shooting a period-ish type bow, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND you fletch

      Heck, even if you ARE shooting a modern style longbow, I'd fletch
      straight - that way, later when you take your next step into "whipping"
      (spiral wrapping) your arrows, you can do that to the sets you've
      already made. Some might endorse the helical to you for its "rifling"
      effects, but... this is a medieval club. My modern bow shoots helical
      fletch carbon arrows. But I wouldn't do that to the wooden arrows I
      make to shoot SCA. Up to you. Straight fletch shoots nice too. The
      trick is keeping those wooden arrow shafts straight, ha ha ha, not the
      style of fletch so much...

      If you aren't totally strapped for cash, I'd recommend a fletching
      chopper from 3 Rivers Archery too. They've got some shapes that are
      more period-ish than the standard "parabolic," or "shield" shapes.
      Chopping your own fletching is fun! You might get lucky and find some
      period-ish pre-cut fletching on e-bay (I did once). In this household
      we have a "traditional," and a "Pope & Young" chopper (sometimes called
      "raptor," if you are looking for pre-cut). Putting period-ish shaped
      fletching on your own arrows makes the effort you put in really
      worthwhile. ...Or, if you live in West Kingdom, or ever get out this
      way, you are welcome to come over and chop away!

      Anyway, just my 2 cents. But my philosophy, as regards this kinda thing,
      is: "You can't always be completely period - and sometimes not even
      close - but when a choice arises where leaning toward the period IS an
      option, well then..."

      I'm no arrow expert (there are a bunch of them here) but I've been
      through a bit of this, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to
      contact me off list either. There's lots of stuff to know, like, how to
      align nocks, etc.

      ~ Aelric, West K.

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "tomjulessca" wrote:
      > Relatively new to archery (now shooting a 45# longbow) and have never
      made an arrow. The two dozen arrows I purchased have (had) helical
      > After reading lots of reviews and other research, I am going to buy a
      Bitzenburger jig. However, none of my research described comparison
      between using a helical jig & clamp vs a straight jig & left hand clamp.
      > Any input regarding relative merit will be appreciated. Thanks.
      > Tom
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