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33091Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Crouching was (unknown)

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  • John R. Edgerton
    Apr 21 10:29 AM
      Yes,I put that option in the rules in case anyone was unable to assume any of the positions. However, if the majority feel that the crouching stance is too difficult,I can drop it. The closest stance to crouching would be standing.

      However,it is possible that some archers that are capable of shooting in that stance might opt for standing in order to get a better score. Any thoughts on this?


      Rusty McMillan <randal_of_camusfearna@...> wrote:


      Everyone, don't forget the portion of the rules that states:

      "If an archer, due to a disability or injury, can not assume a stance, they may assume one of the other stances which is most similar to it with the approval of the marshal."

      This handles the fact that no matter what five or six stances we choose, somebody won't be able to achieve them all.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, John Edgerton <sirjon1@...> wrote:
      > The current draft of the Random Stance has a change to the crouching.
      > "5) Crouching, both knees bent at approximately a ninety degree angle. (The
      > archer only has to crouch while aiming and releasing. They may stand while
      > nocking and drawing.)"
      > I am 71 with arthritis and a bad back and a bad knee and I can just barely
      > manage the stance. But, I can do it.
      > However, if anyone can come up with a good replacement we can either use that or
      > just drop the "Crouching" and change it to five stances.
      > Jon

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