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33081Random Distance 2

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  • John Edgerton
    Apr 18, 2013
      Here is the second draft of the Random Distance competition. Comments?



      Proposed Shoot

      The Random Range Competition is shot from different distances which are chosen at random from a predetermined set of distances. The archers know what distances will be shot, but they do not know in what order these ranges will be shot.

      The distances are: 15. 20. 25. 30. 35. And 40 yards. The distances are not repeated during a round. At the first end, a distance is drawn at random from the set of ranges in a container. The distance is announced and then that distance is removed from the set.

      Youth Division. The distances for the youth division are: 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. And 30 yards.

      For the first round the archers line up and shoot an end of two arrows from that distance. The random drawing of ranges is repeated for each end until all of the distances are used. Then repeat then entire process a second time, randomly selecting from all the ranges again, for a total of twelve ends of two arrows each. Only score after every third end (after 6 arrows).

      The roundel target is the same as a Period IKAC target, a 6cm (2.4”) peg, 24cm (9.6”) roundel, with a 60cm (23.6”) outer circle. The peg, roundel and circle may be of any contrasting colors.

      Additional period style decoration may be added to the target as long as it does not make aiming or scoring difficult. Such decoration is strongly encouraged, but not required.

      For those who wish to stop by a print shop, here is a PDF designed for large format printers with the target face pre-drawn.

      The peg is five points, the roundel is three points and the circle is one point. Arrows touching the line count as the higher score. There is a maximum possible score of 120 points.