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  • Jonathas
    Apr 18, 2013
      I've seen a number of emails each trying to dodge the credit for the list.  As this is a very extensive list of *ideas* but none are directly useable for the SSAC, how about this;

      Anyone is free to take their favorite idea from the list and flesh it out to a full fledged SSAC Proposal.  Please post the proposals back to the list for questioning and clarification (please have a subject line something like 'SSAC Proposal - <title> ' so the thread is easy to follow).  I will get them added to the SSAC list as quickly as possible.  Should you not see your proposal in the list after a week, please ping me off-list as I may have missed the email.  Likewise, if you find something that needs clarified in your shoot, please be sure to email me off-list with the new wording.

      Remember the entire shoot must be reproducible society wide, so targets must either be widely available or easily hand made, range configurations must be well defined.  While this can be a challenge, it can still make for interesting shoots, thought some of the ideas on the list are best left for non-standardized event shoots.

      This will give us a large number of proposals for future seasons.


      On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 7:09 PM, John Edgerton <sirjon1@...> wrote:

      Taslen posted some excellent ideas on archery shoots and targets.  However, I have seen no discussion of those ideas.  So ... I am posting them again for comment. 


      Archery Target/Shoot Ideas





      5 Plates

      5 foam diner plates about 6 inches in diameter are placed on a butt at 20 yards.  Archers get 12 arrows.  Each hit on a plate counts 1 point.  HOWEVER for a second hit on one plate to count all plates must be hit first.


      Bull’s Eye and 6 boxes

      With 12 arrows, archers must score a Bull’s Eye at 20 yards before using remaining arrows to score on boxes set at random distances.  Boxes set further from shooting line score higher than boxes close.


      Clout Shoot

      6 arrows shot at a man sized target 100 yards out within a 30 foot diameter circle.  Arrows striking the man score 3 points, arrows falling and remaining inside the circle score 1 point.  Score of arrows determined by resting place of arrow point.  i.e. an arrow at the back line with it’s point outside the circle does not count.


      Clout variation

      Same as above but distances are 75 – 125 yards.



      Two archers shoot at a target 24 inches in diameter 20 yards out.  Archers begin with no arrow on the string and draw hand on top of head.  At marshal’s “Go”, archers draw an arrow and shoot target.  First archer to score wins.  Other archer is eliminated.  Last archer standing wins.  This may be run with a loser’s bracket then final pairing is winner from winning bracket shoots against winner from loser’s bracket.



      At 20 yards archers get 6 arrows to score on targets approximately 6 inches in diameter.  There are four target faces placed on the arms (4) of a rotating device.  Each successive hit causes more rotation.

      Alternate method – two targets of one color, two targets of another color.  Archers score positive points by hitting their opponents color and lose points if they hit their own.



      Archers get 6 arrows to score 1 point for each hit on a target face, 6 inches diameter, on a pendulum.  The pendulum must be moving when struck.  Once pendulum stops swinging shooting ceases.  Could also be a timed shoot.


      Pendulum behind a crenellation

      The target face is swinging behind a crenellation.  Archers get 6 arrows to score, one point per hit on target.



      6 arrows scoring 1 point per hit on a target that is randomly popping up.  (A marshal pulls a string that causes the target to pop up.)


      Walk up/Walk back

      Archers get 12 arrows to shoot at a target of pre-determined distance.  After shooting 2 arrows the line moves up a few steps then shoots 2 more arrows until all 12 arrows are shot.  Score that round then repeat walking back away from target.  Distances are to be random.



      Archers get 6 arrows to put 4 arrows in, they must stick, an 8 inch Styrofoam cube.  Cube is placed at 20 yards to start.


      Window slot

      Archers get 6 arrows to score on a castle window slot shot.

      Option 1 – the window slot is 6 inch wide and 3 feet long.  1 point per arrow inside the slot.

      Option 2 – the inner slot is 2 inch with two outer slots, one per side, of 2 inches each.  3 points per arrow in the inner slot, 1 point per arrow in either of the outer slots.



      Shoot through window

      Archers shoot at a target through a window.  Old tires make great windows.  Obstructions like tree limbs/branches, brush, hay bales also make good obstructions.


      Advancing warrior

      Targets are placed a 20 – 70 yards distance, 10 yard intervals.  Archers get 10 seconds per distance and score only if they hit the distance being called out.  This may be an advancing or retreating warrior shoot.


      Stuffed Animals

      Stuffed animals placed at varying distances.  Each animal is worth different points.  Number of arrows to be determined as well as must the arrow stick or simply knock the animal over.


      Tic Tac Toe

      A tic/tac/toe game cross is made and set at 20 yards.  One archer shoots to claim a square, then opponent shoots to either block or claim a square.  Winner determined as in “normal” tic tac toe.


      Random high scorer next shot

      Archers begin with 4 – 6 arrows at 20 yards and a standard 5 ring target.  Archer with highest score determines the next shot.  The archer who uses the least number of arrows to hit the target determines the next shot.  In the event of a tie, the original “winner” continues the lead.

      This shoot requires a range that provides multiple target options while standing at any one place.


      Walk around

      Using the same range above, a course is laid out.  Archers get 4 – 6 arrows and must hit the designated target.  Once the target is hit, the archer stops shooting.  The score is the total number of arrows shot.  Archer with the lowest score wins.  i.e. if an archer can hit every target on the first arrow their score is the total number of targets hit.  If, using 6 arrows, the archer completely misses the target their score is 7.  A 1 arrow penalty for completely missing the target.

      Option 2 – Each target has a value equal to the number of arrows allowed, i.e. 6.  The number of arrows it takes to hit the target is subtracted from the target value for the score, i.e. archer hits on first arrow, score 6 – 1 = 5.  Archer with highest score wins.



      Archers begin by shooting arrows into a standard 5 ring target at 20 yards.  Archer with the highest score determines the next shot.  Archers who miss the shot get a letter.  Once an archer has spelled out ARCHER they are eliminated.  The number of arrows is determined by the marshal dependent upon the skill of the archers.  This shoot is run on the same course for Walk Around shoot.


      Balloon shoot

      Balloons are placed on a butt at 20 yards.  One person calls the color and the archer must hit that color balloon.


      Water bag seesaw

      Plastic bags are suspended from each end of a line (forming a T, line goes through pulleys).  Bags are filled with equal amounts of water so they both hang at the same height.  On “Go” the archers shoot at the bags.  First archer to have their bag reach the top of it’s suspension arm wins.  (As one bag drains the other bag will fall down thereby raising the other bag.  The objective is to shoot your bag in a manner that causes the water to drain out before your opponent can do same.)



      Advancing Man

      A man sized target is mounted on a sled that starts at ~40 yards.  On go, the sled is pulled towards the archers who are shooting as many arrows as they can get off in the time allowed.  The pulling works best if one person simply grabs the rope attached to the sled and walks back from the shooting line.


      Call the color

      There are 4 or 5 targets at various ranges from the shooting line.  The marshal calls out a color giving the archers 5 seconds to hit that color.  Archers get points only for arrows hitting targets of the currently called color.  Arrows hitting the wrong target count against the total score.  It is best to give 5 – 7 seconds per color.


      Army shoot

      There are 4 – 5 “soldiers” in front of the “general”.  Hits on the general count 2 points, hits on the “soldiers” count 1 point.  However, each “soldier” must be hit for hits on the general to count.  Timed shoot of approximately 45 seconds.


      Friend/foe shoot

      Archers shoot at a man sized target with a friend and foe (i.e. one warrior hitting another warrior).  Timed shoot with points for hits on the foe and points deducted for hits on the friend.


      Knock downs

      Targets are placed behind crenulations and knock down when hit.  Timed end with points for each target hit.  (A good way to make the knock down targets is to frame them in wood and place a hinge on the bottom attached to the main rail all the targets sit on.)


      Three position shoot

      Archers get 2 arrows standing, 2 kneeling, and 2 laying down at a target.  You can also add shooting through a window to this shoot.  Castle slot windows work fine.  Laying down shot is done shooting under the window frame.


      Moving target

      A target is suspended from rollers on a line.  On GO the target is released and moves perpendicular to the shooting line.  Archers may shot as many arrows as they can get off before the target comes to rest. 

      This shoot can also be done with the target moving towards the archers.



      Archers shoot 6 arrows at an unmarked target, i.e. no bull’s eye marking.  After all arrows are shot the score is the measurement around the 6 arrows.  Any arrow missing the entire butt is a 2 foot penalty.  May be shot at any distance.


      Roll The Dice or

      Spin for Luck

      Archers either spin a dial or roll a cube.  Which ever color comes up they get one arrow to hit the target of that color. Targets are set at random distances.  One point per target hit.  The arrow must stick in the target.


      Unfamiliar equipment

      Archers use equipment that is unfamiliar to them to shoot for score on a standard Royal Round target face.  Equipment provided by marshal (loaner gear to be used).


      Reverse Scoring

      Reverse the scoring points on the standard Royal Round target face.


      Reverse objective

      Archers shoot 1(?) arrow at the target face.  All must hit the outer most ring, white, to advance to the next round.  Archers move inward, next inner most color, until a winner is determined.  If more than one archer survives to the gold color repeat but call each ring.  i.e. Outer most white ring, next inner white ring, etc.



      Archers work a course grouped in teams.  Each team must be made up of a beginning, intermediate and advanced archer.  (May do in groups larger than three but multiples of three if possible.)


      Seventh Arrow

      Six arrows for score on your target.  7th arrow shot at opponent’s target for score on yours or decrement theirs.


      Quick Shot

      Archers get 15 seconds to shoot as many arrows as they can get off.  High score wins.

      Variation:  Three targets are set at random distances.  Archers must score on each target before time ends.  Lowest time wins.


      Pivot Shot

      This shoot requires a large range.  Targets are set around archer.  That is, the archer stands in the middle of where the targets are.  Objective is to hit each target.  Can be timed as above, or least number of arrows to score wins.  The order of the targets can be predetermined or left to the archer.


      String Group

      Each archer is given a piece of string, i.e. 3 feet long.  They shoot three (?) arrows at the butt from 20 yards.  Each archer wraps the string around their three arrows and cuts that amount off their string.  Archer who still has string wins.  This is a test of grouping not just hitting the center of the target.


      Hit the Mark

      In the distance there is a post.  Each archer shoots a set number of arrows aiming to hit as close as possible to the post/mark.  Each arrow scores 5 points if within one bow length, 3 points if 1 ½ bow lengths, 1 point if 2 ½ bow lengths.  Nothing for outside two bow lengths.  The archer’s bow is used for the measuring stick.  Short bows get a penalty, long bows an advantage.  ½ bow length could be from lower limb nock end to arrow rest.  If a long bow with no arrow rest then top of hand wrap.


      Heraldic Colors

      Archers must hit the color called at the time. Color is called using heraldic speak.


      Pairs quick shot

      A 12 inch inside measurement cardboard frame is suspended from a balloon or other breakable object.  The first archer must break the object to free the frame to fall.  The second archer must put an arrow through the frame without hitting the actual frame itself to prevent it from hitting the ground.


      Accuracy walk back

      The target is a 4 inch plate.  Archer’s start at 10 yards and get 3 arrows to hit the target.  As soon as they hit the target, they qualify.  i.e. if they hit it on the first arrow they need not shoot the other two.  After all have qualified, they move back 10 yards and shoot again.  Continue until a winner is declared.


      Three Hoops

      There are three hoops with paper in them on an arm that rotates horizontally.  The objective for the archer is to shoot one arrow so it pierces all three hoop papers.


      Tube Shot

      There is a tube about 3 – 4 inches in diameter 3 feet long mounted horizontally with one open end facing the archer.  The archer must shoot an arrow through the tube to hit the target behind.


      Byron Ferguson Coke Bottle Shot

      A bottle of soda is mounted horizontally on a hay bale with the top facing away from the archer.  On the bottle cap is a bottle opener.  The objective is to hit the bottle opener so it pops the cap off the soda bottle and allows the soda to pour into an awaiting cup below.


      Move the Cube


      Sadistic Sara’s Shot

      A Styrofoam cube is placed at a random distance.  Each archer gets three arrows to hit and move the cube.  The archer moving the cube the farthest wins.

       This shoot may be done in teams of two each shooting three arrows.  The order in which the arrows are shot is left up to the team.


      Fenri’s Challenge

      The target is 4 inches wide, 36 inches long.  Exactly 18 inches from the bottom the stripe is bisected with a 12 wide by 4 inches tall cross piece.  Scoring could be 3 points for the cross member, 1 point for the vertical.

      A variation is to color the inner square of the vertical and cross member overlap.  That square is 3 points, the cross member 2 points and the vertical 1 point.


      Roll The Dice

      Two dice are used.  One has an hour glass on the 1 mark with the other 5 marks as is with numbers.  The other die has a circle, wand and man marked on each of two sides.  The second die is cast to determine the target to shoot, the first die cast to determine how many arrows will be shot or if timed (hour glass).  Archers shoot in pairs one each casting a die.  The targets are a circle the size of the 3 point ring, wand as a castle window shoot, and man sized target, at 20 , 30, 40 yards.  Scoring is the highest scorer gets the difference between the scores.  i.e. Bobby Jo scores 4 hits, Franky scores 1 hit.  Bobby Jo gets a score of 3.


      Rood Shoot

      Rood = 7.5 yards.  At 3 roods, shoot three arrows at a 6 inch diameter target.  Once all three arrows hit the target, move back 1 rood and increase the target diameter by 2 inches.  Continue.


      Cube shoot

      Use a Styrofoam cube about 8 – 12 inches per side.  Starting at a distance of about 15 yards archers get 4 – 6 shafts to hit the cube.  Score one hit per side.  Multiple shafts in one side only count as one.  Objective is to hit the cube and move it to present a new side to hit.


      Twisted color block

      Target is strips of colored tape 4 inches wide 8 – 12 inches long mounted vertically next to each other.  Each color repeats twice on the block.  Thus red would be represented twice.  Below this is a second block of rainbow colors using the same colors but mounted in a manner such that red is not below red.  Each archer is assigned a color.  Each shaft hitting a color scores, whether or not it was the color owners shaft.  Shafts on the lines count for the color in which the majority of the shaft resides.  Shafts that truly split colors count for both colors.


      Slot shot variation

      Target 10 inches high 2 feet wide.  One piece of 2 inch wide tape of different color mounted down center horizontally and vertically.  In the center at the cross is a 2 inch square.  Target set at 40 yards.  Scoring: 1 point for hitting anywhere on the 2’ X 10”  target, 2 points for hitting the vertical/horizontal tape, 3 points for any hit on the 2 X 2 center.


      Stacked cubes

      Target is foam blocks about 8 – 10 inches square stacked on top of each other.  4 cubes in all sitting on top of a 5th cube which is not shot.  Object is to shoot off the top cube then the next, etc.  12 arrows max.  Score is total number of arrows needed to shoot off 4 cubes.  Each cube has a penalty of 3 points (if using 4 cubes).  i.e. if the first shot knocks the whole stack down then the score is 1 + (4 X 3) = 13.  If the first cube is shot off with one arrow then the next arrow knocks the remaining three cubes down, score is 2 + (3 X 3) = 11.  Best score is 4.


      Grouping shot

      Archer shoots 10 arrows at 30 yards.  After arrows are shot, the archer decides which 3 arrows will determine the “center” point.  Measure out a 5 inch radius circle.  Every arrow in the circle counts 1 point.  Distance could vary as well as total number of arrows shot.


      Near Miss

      The target is a hard Styrofoam ball on a pole/fiberglass rod about 20 yards out.  The object is to nick the ball without having the arrow either stick in the ball or knock it off the pole/rod.  Each archer gets 6 arrows.  Each arrow nicking the ball gets one point.  Arrows that knock the ball off or stick in the ball score -2 points.  A nick is defined as moving the ball or making a noise.  Nicks scored at archer and marshal’s discretion.



      Hanging cube

      A cube is hanging from a rope/string at some distance.  Archers get 6 shafts.  One point for each side of the cube hit.  Arrows must remain in cube after all shooting to count.  Multiple shafts in one side only count one point.


      Variation – Color the sides of cube, i.e. red and black.  Points for red, minus points for black.


      Water bag challenge variation

      This is a variation of the water bag challenge shoot.  The target has a water bag on one side and a weight on the other.  The weight is such that it will only go to the bottom after all the water has leaked out of the bag.  There will be an indicator on the weight/rope/device.  As the archer shoots the bag to cause the water to leak out, the weight descends.  After 6 shafts either the bag is completely empty or somewhere in between.  Score is according.


      Variation – Each archer gets 6 shafts to empty the bag.  Maximum score is 6 and the first arrow is free.  Each arrow shot then deducts from the max score of 6.  i.e. if the archer shoots all 6 shafts their score is 1.  If they are able to empty the bag after 2 shafts their score is 5.  If the empty the bag on the first shot their score is 6.  Scoring could be simply how many arrows used to empty the bag with lowest score winning.


      Water balloons on an arm

      5 – 6 water balloons are hanging off of an arm.  As the water balloons are shot the arm tilts up. The archer who either shoots all balloons or shots the most balloons wins.


      Four In Line

      Target:  3 in postit notes arranged 4 wide and 4 tall.  Each postit is slightly more than one arrow diameter apart such that an arrow between the notes can not score on each note.  Three ends shot at 20 yards.

      End 1 – Horizontal, shoot any four squares to make a horizontal row

      End 2 – Vertical, shoot any four squares to make a vertical row

      End 3 – Shoot the four squares that make up the center square

      End 4 – Shoot the four corners

      Scoring:  Each archer gets a maximum of 12 arrows.  If all four squares are hit count the number of arrows shot and subtract from 14.  If an archer shoots all 12 arrows and misses four squares their score is 1.  If an archer shoots less than 12 arrows and still misses one square of the four, their score is 0.  An archer shoots 6 arrows hitting four squares, their score is 8 (14-6).


      Advancing arrows

      Targets are set out at varying distances.  Number of targets is up to marshal.  Archers must put one arrow in each target until they are out of arrows.  Only one arrow per target hit.  Then, starting with closest target, archers glean arrows and can shoot any other target or second to last target thereby advancing arrows.  If they miss, that arrow can not be used.  At the second to last target the number of arrows stuck in that target are used to shoot the final target.  The score is the number of arrows stuck in the final target.  This is a bit of a walk around shoot with limited arrows.


      Balloon shoot

      Balloons are either filled with helium or hung from a rod.  The object is to hit a certain color for points.  Negative points for wrong color hit.  A slight breeze really makes this shot interesting.


      Quick shoot

      Target is a rotating arm with a loop on one end and a pointer on the other.  The loop end is suspended by a balloon.  The archer must first pop the balloon to cause the pendulum arm to swing.  The second arrow must hit in the loop to stop the pendulum arm.  The score is where the pointer is pointing when it stops. If an arrow stops the arm without being in the loop the archer looses.

      An alternative is to simply stop the pendulum arm with an arrow any where on the face, i.e. below the arm to stop it.


      Challenge shoot

      Three or four targets.  One at a distance and long and narrow vertically mounted.  The next two can be lollipops of something of same ilk.  Last target, close, is something that drops down when hit.  This is a timed shoot.  On LOOSE archers begin shooting with distant target first moving closer.  Shafts must stick in target to advance to next target.  Archer who finishes first wins.


      Paired shoot

      Target – a 1 inch wide frame 12 inches inside measurement suspended from a string attached to the base of a balloon.  First archer must pop balloon.  Second archer must place a shaft inside the frame to arrest it’s fall to the ground.  Hits on the frame do not count.  The frame must be allowed to fall free, i.e. pass a line, before arresting is valid.  This shoot involves two archers sequenced.


      Massed balloons

      Balloons of two colors are hanging from a vertical rod but bunched close together.  Archers must hit balloons of a defined color.  1 point for balloon of their color hit, -2 points for balloon of opposite color.  A slight breeze makes this a very interesting shot. 

      If group against group, then each group each archer shoots one shaft.  Same scoring, each group declares a color.


      Called color

      Crowd pleaser.  Balloons of different colors are mounted to a target.  The crowd calls out the color balloon to hit.


      Dropping Frame

      A frame is hanging by a short string from the bottom of a balloon sitting on a wire loop stuck in the top of a 4 X 8 foot backstop.  The first archer must pop the balloon allowing the frame to drop.  The second archer must prevent the frame from hitting the ground by placing an arrow inside.  The first frame is 12 inches inside, square.  As pairs advance, reduce the size of the frame.


      4 Plate Accuracy

      Start with 4 6 inch plates/disks spaced out on the target at 25 yards.  Each archer gets 6 arrows.  The object is to put an arrow in each plate.  Each hit scores 1 point.  Multiple hits on one plate/disk only count 1 point.  Each arrow left in the quiver/not shot, counts 1 point only if all 4 plates are hit.  Maximum score is 6, 4 hits and 2 arrows unshot.  As archers advance reduce the size of the plates/disks to be hit.

      Variation – Allow one minute to shoot the plates/disks.  Var 2 – 8 shafts.


      Quick pick up shoot

      Archers start with their bow and one arrow on the ground in front of them.  On “GO” they pick up their bow and arrow and shoot at the target.  The target can be a standard RR target at 20 yards.  They get the score their arrow hits.  A bonus goes to the archer that hits the target first.  (There should be an incentive to be first to launch an arrow.)


      Multiple shots

      Archers shoot at a standard RR target face at 20 yards.  6 shafts but they only get to pull the bow string three times.  This shot requires three double arrow shots.


      Spell It

      Target – Letters of the alphabet at 20 yards.  Archers draw a word out of a hat must then shoot to spell that word.


      Wheel Shoot

      Targets – Six 12 to 15 inches in diameter arranged with one in middle and other 5 around like spokes on a wheel.  First end – 12 shafts.  Each hit on outer 2 points, multiple hits count.  5 pts inner circle but only after hitting all outside circles.  Second end – timed 45 seconds, same scoring.


      Modified Royal Round

      Target is standard 60 cm Royal Round FITA target face with duct tape strips from lower left corner to upper right corner with equal/tape width gaps.  Standard scoring.  Any shaft completely inside the tape does not count.


      Warrior heart/head

      Target is human profile with face and heart marked.  Targets set at varying distances.  3 points for head shot, 2 points for heart shot, and 1 point for body shot.  Points at near target as identified.  If medium range, double points, if distance range, triple points.

      Variation – archers can only score one scoring area per target.  Thus one body shot at close even though two or more arrows are in body.  Archer may score on medium and distant target body as well.


      Call the color

      Target – Royal Round face.  Marshal calls the color to be hit, archers get one shaft to hit.  Scoring can be either one point per hit or value of color per standard RR scoring.


      The Duel

      Two archers stand one each side of a marshal, all with backs to the target.  All three walk away from the target some unknown distance.  On “Shoot” from the marshal each archer turns away from the marshal to face the target, nocks an arrow and shoots.  The idea is to replicate an Old West Shoot Out Duel.


      Double Pop-Up

      Target is a spring loaded box with a trigger.  When the trigger is hit other targets fly out of the box.  The first archer gets 6 arrows to hit the trigger.  They start with a score of 6.  Hit trigger on first arrow, score 6.  Hit trigger on second arrow, score 5, etc.  After the trigger is hit other archers must hit the target that flys out of box.  3 points if hit in air, 1 point if hit on ground.  Number of other archers can vary depending upon how many targets in box.


      Bouncing balls

      Targets are balls hung from a rope.  As the archers shoot the marshal tugs on a rope that causes the balls to bounce around.  This could be enhanced with a qualification target, i.e. something at distance they must hit before shooting the balls.


      Walk Up Slot

      Castle window.  Archers are in teams.  One archer must score in window then team must move up X paces.


      The ‘Old Man’s’ shot

      Target has numbers inside boxes/circles.  The object is to hit numbers that add up to 66 (my birth year).  Score is the number of shafts required to do that.  Lowest score wins.  May be shot 3 (?) times.


      Double Royal Round

      Everything is the same, target face, scoring only the distances double.  Not 20, 30, 40 but 40, 60, 80. 

      Variation – Double IKAC


      Hole In One

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