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33054Re: Horse bow shooters? (grip question)

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  • aelric_southlake
    Apr 16, 2013
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      Thank you all!

      I too am a lefty, left eye dom, no arrow rest, no glove. I "whip," or
      spiral wrap, all my arrows. For any no-shelf bow I believe you need to
      at least whip the leading edge of the fletch where it meets the shaft.
      I may be wrong, others may have experienced no problems with shooting
      bare fletching off their gloves or hands (since I'm "no glove," I don't
      want a quill buried in my skin).

      I cheat; I use heavy weight jeans stitching thread (not linen, hemp, or
      silk), soak it in a little bit of super glue so it never moves, and then
      polyurethane over it with a little brush to give it some amount of

      Would really love to shoot from a horse someday - having trouble just
      being a decent shot on the ground though.

      Thank you for your grip description/approaches. Yeah... I THINK it's
      supposed to be shot a little north of center. I was trying to center
      shoot, but that put my "V," and some of my hand, on the under-slope of
      the grip - a somehwat unatural position for the hand, based on the shape
      of the bow. I dunno... Definitely going to put both a leather grip,
      and a bit of cordovan leather where the the arrow passes. I don't have
      an arrow pass on my longbow - doesn't seem right. I just add a touch of
      poly when it looks like it's getting worn, and really, it SHOULD get a
      bit worn there. But with the horsebow, I think it would be right, and
      aesthetically pleasing too.

      Thanks COG for your method description. I also cheat when I do leather
      grips too! I put Barge cement on them! But I do leave a gap so they
      cinch up nice. Problem is, my stitching looks goofy (I call it
      "rustic"), but I get a bit better each time. The cool thing about Barge
      is that if you EPICALLY fail, you can pull it back off without too much

      I saw on some longbow site where they FOLD OVER the top and bottom edges
      of their leather grips, prior to stitching, to give a nice finished
      edge. I'm gonna try that this time.

      Good luck with with horseback shooting Alienor! Jealous! I guess that's
      the POINT of these bows though... maybe oughtta redouble efforts to try
      that sometime...

      ~ A

      --- Laura wrote: Greetings, I got into archery due to my husband Lord
      Reinmar & now we are training for mounted archery...

      --- The Greys wrote: I grip the bow in the middle so the arrow pass is
      slightly above center...
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