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33051Re: Horse bow shooters? (grip question)

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  • aelric_southlake
    Apr 15, 2013
      So, the "V" of your thumb/pointer finger sits slightly south of the middle of the bow, allowing arrow to be in the center?

      You write "...low on the handle, but still FIRE OFF THE TOP PORTION OF THE GRIP..." I don't think you are describing a grip with an arrow shelf. So, are you saying that although you grip low, the arrow is still being fired from the upper part of the leather grip area - and not riding on your knuckle? Or are you saying that although you grip low, and the arrow passes by the top of the grip, the arrow is still centered because the grip is NOT centered (offset low)? Most horsebows I've seen, it looks like the grip is somewhat of a vague affair, but centered in the bow, leaving the archer to "decide," if you will.

      Of course, if the lower limb of your bow was shorter, then firing off the top of the grip would be center of the bow... Hmmm...

      You probably want to strangle me right now :) This would be easier if we could show each other. I think the "but still fire off the top portion" is what confuses me, because on an evenly limbed bow, the "top portion" of the grip would be north of the center of the bow, no?

      Forgive me! I am easily confused!

      --- Bai-Or wrote:

      > ...I keep my hand low on the handle but still fire off the top portion of the grip so the arrow is perfectly centered...
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