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33034Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Wooden arrows banned from archery ranges?

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  • John Edgerton
    Apr 10, 2013
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      Make a jig to hold the shafts in place.  The process works best with a drill press, but can be done with a hand drill. The thin drill bits tend to flex, so you need to place the bit as far up the chuck as you can to reduce its flexing. 

      A center drill countersink bit works well for making the started hole. See:


      From: Rusty McMillan <randal_of_camusfearna@...>
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      Our Barony purchased six dozen wooden arrows from a local shop a couple of years ago to use as loaners for beginners. They had a bad batch of glue or some other problem, as more than a dozen points have since come off in our Saunders butts. I just ordered replacement points, and plan to use your wire brad technique to prefent further losses.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, John Edgerton <sirjon1@...> wrote:
      > What I do to prevent any of my points from coming loose works very well, but is
      > more labor intensive than just glueing them on.
      > I drill a small hole, just large enough to take a wire brad nail, all the way
      > through the base of the field tip and the shaft inside it. I then insert the
      > brad and cut it off. The cut off end and the head of the brad are then filed
      > almost smooth. They do not come off by accident. But, you can file one end of
      > the brad all the way down and then drive it out and remove the field point.
      > Jon

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