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32974RE: [SCA-Archery] Lucky Target

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  • lynn.palmieri
    Apr 4 12:48 PM
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      Sir Jon,

      I concur!  This looks like a great deal of fun and a good challenge for many of us focused only on center targets.

      Also, a big Thank You for all your work and dedication to this community!

      Sincerely, Elynor


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      Sir Jon,

      I REALLY like this one! It is simple, straightforward, and yet challenging! And being set at 20 yards, it is perfect for indoor ranges, especially during the bad weather months!


      - Iurii


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      [Attachment(s) from John Edgerton included below]

      I am presenting the following competition for comment on inclusion in the SSAC.

      Thank you for any comments. The drawing of the target is attached. 




      Lucky Target


      This competition seems to have begun in the Netherlands in the 1400’s. There is a period illustration showing part of a circular target where there are numerical values in arcs of the circle. And there is mention of square targets with a series of smaller squares of different values.


      The target face is 20 inches on a side and the small squares are 4 inches square. There are twenty-five squares in total. The target is placed with one corner pointing upward, as per the drawing below. The numbers are placed as shown in the drawing and should be large enough to be read at twenty yards.



      The distance is twenty yards. Youth division is ten yards.

      Software: Microsoft OfficeThe number of ends is two, each of six arrows.


      The scoring is value of the box hit. Lines count as the higher score. A square may only be hit once for score.  Repeated hits to the same square by the same archer to do not count for additional score. The maximum score per end is 135, for a maximum total of 270 points.  The individual score sheets should provide space for each score in a vertical column for ease in totaling. There should be a total for each end and a grand total. Double-checking the scores with a calculator is advised.



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