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32900Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Height of Target, Burlap in bulk

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  • Caterina Fortuna
    Mar 29 3:54 PM
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      Sometimes if i hit wood or metal with my arrows (spruce mostly but sometimes high altitude older cedar) will fracture just inside the edge of the metal arrow point and straight across.
      What helped my shooting was weeks and months of shooting at 10 & 15 yds.

      Eventually upgrading to matched and tuned up equipment made it easier to be consistent. As well as hitting the library for books and videos...

      > I put the boards up for those occasional "oopses," but I don't miss the target bag, really, it's the missing the center of the target that is the trouble now :) It's only 20 yards. Now, as far as getting instruction and getting better, well, that's an ongoing issue... :)

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