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32899Re: Height of Target, Burlap in bulk

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  • aelric_southlake
    Mar 29 3:06 PM
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      I put the boards up for those occasional "oopses," but I don't miss the target bag, really, it's the missing the center of the target that is the trouble now :) It's only 20 yards. Now, as far as getting instruction and getting better, well, that's an ongoing issue... :)

      --- Caterina Fortuna wrote:
      > I'd hope that it won't take long for you to not
      > miss the target...

      And, thank you for the burlap links/ideas everyone. Yeah, finding burlap bags and feed bags are no problem, and I've seen those huge 4' wide rolls on-line (way more than I'd ever need length-wise, unless I go into the target making business, ha ha ha). I was just hoping someone might've known where those big (they've gotta be, like, 6' across or more) burlap squares the landscapers use come from... Guess I'll have to try to talk to one of those guys when I see them at work sometime.
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