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32895RE: [SCA-Archery] Height of Target, Burlap in bulk

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  • lynn.palmieri
    Mar 29, 2013
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      Another great target material is commercial shipping foam (closed cell polyethylene or similar).  At work we get various size and thickness of sheets that can be glued together or very easily cut into shapes for novelty targets.  One inch thickness on up has no problems in stopping arrows, though I prefer 2 inch for actually shaping stable targets.  If you or anyone you know works in a manufacturing environment, you may be able to obtain this for no cost (depends on the company’s recycling program).



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      >Put up two 4x8 sheets of plywood to protect the old fence. So... hopefully that'll remain ok -

      That should be fine. If you are the only person using the range, you can pretty much do whatever. I'd hope that it won't take long for you to not miss the target. There are many on this list that can help you. We try to teach everyone on our ranges to where they are good enough to at least not miss the target and bales. Digging around for arrows in wet mud is unpleasant to say the least. ;)

      > BURLAP. Where do you get the huge swaths of burlap you see landscapers use to gather up trimmings and whatnot?

      I'd check out freecycle, craigslist, estate sales, thrift stores, and recycle shops for free or cheap materials. Try estate and garage sales toward the end, as they generally will just take the rest over to goodwill. Locally, Safeway has a bin that people toss in their mostly clean plastic bags. For those who want to try stuffing them into a sack. We also have a couple of places that recycles or upcycles used materials such as fabric and building supplies. That's how I make some of our novelty targets.

      On occasion, you can stop by a (smaller) construction site and ask the head person what they plan on doing with their scraps and trash (too small for them to use) items. Most would welcome a smaller dump run.

      There is an amazing amount of stuff you can get for free with minimal effort. Usually, if I show up with a truck or suv I can fill it with usable items. Lol

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