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32894Bow Reviews wanted

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  • William Davis
    Mar 29, 2013
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      Greetings all,

      Spring appears to have finally arrived in the northeast, and time to move practice outdoors.  This year's plan, includes the purchase of a new bow.  I have narrowed it down to 2 at this point, and am seeking reviews from those who may have experience with them.  Of those responding, I would ask two things.  1)  Please, if it is not about one of the two bows listed below, do not respond.  I know that, this, that, and the other bow are good bows, but my selection criteria has eliminated all those not listed.  2)  If you have something critical to say about one or the other bow, please provide specifics, such as, feel, weight, balance, appearance, it breaks/delaminates, etc.
      The two bows currently under consideration are:
           Greatree Solo Deluxe
           Samick Trailblazer

      I currently use a 35# Greatree Deerslayer recurve, with which I am greatly pleased, so my leaning is toward the Solo Deluxe, but I have handled one (not used) and find the grip a bit odd, which may be just a matter of adjustment.  Again, it would be a 35# draw.  The key questions I'd like answered are:
           1)  Do either of these bows have a reputation for breaking/delaminating?
           2)  How is the stacking?
           3)  How is the handshock?
           4)  Any other quirks these bows may have.

      Gwilym of BBM

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