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  • Jonathas
    Mar 28, 2013
      The "Five Pillars" looks to be a very fun shoot, though there are a few problems with it. Like for the distance shoot there is no target specified to shoot at (unless the intent is just flat out distance, but there is no challenge/skill there just who has the strongest bow).  Also on the distance, while these distances may be good in period the SCA does not use bows as strong as in period. 

      I would like to propose a slight change to the distance portion of the shoot, target 2ft wide x 4ft tall target, ranges 60 yards 1 point per hit, 90 yards 3 points per hit, 120 yards 5 points per hit. 


      On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 10:21 PM, ladyjohannatrewpeny <johannatrueshot@...> wrote:

      Thanks to all the clever target creators! I have questions and comments from Adiantum!
      I don't expect to get all my wishes granted, but I thank you for letting me ask!
      Lady Johanna--------------

      Tir Beursault
      - Love the idea and the target. Two significant parts I would like clarification on.
      Just exactly how much of the 'Guard Walls' are REQUIRED for participation? We have no ranges on which we can leave things and transportation/setup is a heavy burden already. Would a couple ropes strung up or a 'recognized road' be acceptable?
      50m per one arrow ends up being a lot of walking. For small groups, where crowding the target wasn't an issue, would shooting several arrows per retrieve - still one archer at a time - be acceptable?
      And with slightly whimsical and yet serious finish...Who is the King of the Archers for the first shoot?

      Blunts Competitive
      - My favorite bit is the "if they are crazy about archery and shoot a thousand rounds could end up the winner." Yay!
      Now about numbers. I actually have crazy archers here.... some almost as crazy as me! However my loaner gear is taxed to get even the 6 per archer. Personally I often only have 8 or 9 good arrows in my own quiver.
      Could the 'number of arrows per round' be reduced to 5, please?? This would maintain the integrity of the shoot, but allow more archers with limited means to participate!
      Now, about the competitive side. How does this work with a local practice? As the marshal do I select who shoots against who? Do I let them decide? Do I draw names from a hat? We have all levels of archers currently, but not always two of each!! Intentions?

      Blunts Pass Through
      Similar concerns with 10 arrows.
      Can we do BOTH the Competetive AND the Passthrough during one season? That way we could actually compete locally AND far away AND have the same target used for two shoots! Oh how nice for the Marshals!!

      Five Pillars
      - My personal favorite because of the ability to shoot over a season on different aspects and not get 'burnt out' on one aspect. I'd like to shoot this in the fall or winter though, as it would be possible to do parts indoors on the 20s and out of doors when the weather would allow.

      Double Royal
      - Ha! Currently our Kingdom Royal Archer is running this in AnTir as a challenge. I can't say which Genius Archer had the idea first, but if chosen for the SSAC too can we submit to both for shooting it!?! Grins.
      - - One helpful clarification would be to call it the 'Double Distance Royal' because an IKAC is in essence an doubled royal in ends. : )

      I want to shoot them next winter! I don't have a saw for it yet, but I will source one when this gets chosen!

      Huzzah for the lovely world of ARCHERY!
      Lady J

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