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32850Re: [SCA-Archery] Upcomming SSAC

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  • Chris Ivins
    Mar 18, 2013
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      I answered your questions first with the consensus I got from our archery practice participants' feedback, and my own personal feelings added at the end of each.

      1. From the comments made by shooters at our local practices, the Roundel Sextet seems to have been very frustrating to score as well as shoot, particularly the shooters having to alternate shooting each target in order, and the penalty/penalties for double-hitting the wrong roundel and keeping track of who hit what(This is from the feedback I received).
      - I had mixed feelings about this shoot. It got very frustrating to keep track of arrow hits and who would lose points for hitting the wrong 'roundel', especially with several shooters per round.

      2. So far, the most popular SSAC shoot at our local Baronial practices has been the Triangle shoot.
      - It was also my personal favorite, being easy to score, but also challenging to aim at.

      I hope my feedback is useful.

      - In Service,
                          Lord Iurii Levchenich, Junior TAM, Barony of Adiantum, Kingdom of AnTir
                          Deputy to the Honorable Lady Johanna Trewpeny, Adiantum Archery Marshal
                          Arcuarius to Gawin of Kevelioc

      From: Caterina Fortuna <cat4tuna@...>
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      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Upcomming SSAC

      I put this out to all of you who have shot the SSACs especially with several people.
      What was the groups' favorites to shoot? Were any either easy or difficult to score well?

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