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32837Re: [SCA-Archery] Dear Western style archers- an open letter

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  • Ranif
    Mar 15, 2013
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      If you are using a bow of an SCA approved type, the bow
      has been accepted by the TAM, you are not in a stance
      or draw position that violates safety, event rules or
      courtesy, I find a gently voiced, "Bugger off!", is
      effective with interferers. But then, I'm older with
      diminishing tolerance levels.

      On 16/03/2013 7:05 AM, Dawn Ratz wrote:
      > When a new person of whom you have not seen before
      > comes out to the range with an Eastern bow and they
      > seem to be doing things "differently" please allow them
      > the time, space and consideration to shoot in their
      > style.
      Nullus anxietas amicus
      Carpe argillam
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