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32832Re: [SCA-Archery] Dear Western style archers- an open letter

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  • Caterina Fortuna
    Mar 15, 2013
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      Ensuring basic safety is the marshal's primary job.

      In this game we play, giving a bit of courtesy will get you a lot more in return. May I suggest in the future that you check in with the archery marshal on the range before you shoot. If you briefly explain your shooting style and show them your equipment, there would be no need to bother you while shooting. And they would keep others from disturbing you.

      My tip: be knowledgeable, confident, and display safety at all times. Possibly carry a sheet showing the positions of your (spiritual) method of shooting. Also, while not mandatory in every kingdom, please be knowledgeable about the parts of your equipment. If you show up with knot(s) in your string, you should know whether or not it is a bowyers knot.

      SCA archers seem to heckle and tease each other while shooting, so when anyone new comes to the range some of that will trickle down. I've seen it in multiple Kingdoms. Personally, I prefer a quiet range, but have had to accommodate for the noisy shooters.

      All too often, even at our local stores' ranges, I've had to stop shooting and give lessons to kids and adults so that they would stop pointing their arrows at the back of my head while drawing. Nothing kills my (meditative) archery buzz like arrows not pointed down range, shooting across several lanes unintentionally, dry firing, or shooting at me. Don't even joke about shooting me. Besides, the paperwork on that would be... Yeah, just don't go there.

      Yours in Service to the Dream,
      Signora Caterina Fortuna

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