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32827Dear Western style archers- an open letter

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  • Dawn Ratz
    Mar 15, 2013

      Dear Western style archers,

      When a new person of whom you have not seen before comes out to the range with an Eastern bow and they seem to be doing things "differently" please allow them the time, space and consideration to shoot in their style. If you have questions save them for after the round of the shoot as tapping and double teaming the person and Literally standing over them asking them if they are doing it right will only make them flustered but also wish they had never bothered to use your range. Shooting styles are not all the same. Please allow for archers to shoot in their preferred method.  http://www.kyudo.org/html/articles/shichido_eng1.html there is an article on a different shooting style.

      I will certainly never use a new bow on range without others who shoot in the same style with me again.

      One very flustered mounted archer

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