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32769Re: [SCA-Archery] Height of target

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  • Ld.blackmoon
    Mar 1, 2013
      it really depends on your chosen " format " and " safety " .
      a lot of places use the children's target stands that barely raise the targets off of the ground . these are especially good in places where you don't have a lot of room for missing arrows to land due to safety issues such as neighbors fence, house, garage, etc. .
      some places use various heights to mimic the approximate height of the game animal they are practicing to shoot ( on the ground, 2 foot above the ground, 5 foot above the ground , etc.) but again safety behind the target is a prime concern.
      and a lot of people in the sca place the target to correspond with " chest height " since in period we would be practicing for war.
       so it's really up to you and how much room you have as a safety zone behind the target .
      you can also modify that range with stop sheets, and catch nets : )
      hope that helps
      Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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      Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 10:58 AM
      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Height of target


      Greetings, wondering about target heights, and any standards/rules thereof:

      We just moved to a place that has a bit over 20 yards clear space on the side of the house, and so, for the first time since I was a kid, I am actually able to practice in my own yard. (no more excuses now)Which means it is also the first time that I'm setting up a semi-permanent target that hasn't been already set up by someone at a range.

      Right now I'm using a U-Fill-It bag with a 60 cm target on it that is sitting on an old lawn chair. The next free weekend I have I'll be building a 2x4 stand to hang it from... Any particualr height I should be setting it at? That is, ground to center of bullseye measurement?

      Does that measurement change when you get out to 40, 60, 100 yrds?

      At both the outdoor and indoor ranges I'm familiar with, they seem to set the targets at fairly random heights, but they are clearly public, "practice" spaces - and beyond the few times I've accidently been there on a "league night," I've never seen how they set up for any formal tournament scenario.

      Thanks for reading and any responses,
      Aelric, West K.

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