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32733Better War through Archery

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  • Cleve Johnson
    Feb 7, 2013
    I have attached archery rules, safety, and range courtesy in an attached document for you all to familiarize yourselves with them before coming to Better War through Archery on the 16th.  Also, no bodkin points are allowed since this is an indoor range.  Thank you.
    Don't forget to put four-person teams together to compete for the glory of your local groups.
    Competition (individual and team) will begin promptly at 10:15, so please be on the range and ready to compete on time!  We will have the Winter Challenge shoots in the afternoon.

    Lord Eadric of Grenefelda
    Barony of Sternfeld Archery Captain
    Order of the Dragon's Barb, AoA
    Order of the Golden Tower, Award of the Nova, Yeoman
     Pandus planto populus mico.
    (Archers make people quiver.)
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