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  • John Atkins
    Feb 5, 2013
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      My local barony invested in two Saunders mats but they were not cared for as need be and did not last as long as they could have.  The other problem with Saudners mats, and I have contacted them about this, is that they tend to suck off arrow points.  Very frustrating.  YES!  I have gone through all the processes of applying the points in manners so they will not come off but they do.  So the solution from my perspective is two fold.  First is if there is a steak house near you that serves peanuts to waiting customers ask them to save the burlap bags for you.  They just throw them in the trash anyway.  Stuff them with palstic bags, from grocery stores and every where else, and they last a very long time.  Alternative, collect cardboard.  The back of most stores is a good place but if you can talk a store into giving you the mellon boxes for display they are better as the cardboad is about three times thicker than normal cardboard.  Your last resort is foam panneling, 4 X 8.  About $25 - 30 per sheet but cut into 2 X 4 you get 4 pieces for back stops.  You would have to double this up with cardboard or two layers to stop a bow of 45 ponds or more.
      Saunders mats, in my opinion, while really "authentic", just are not worth the money unless someone else is paying for them.
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