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  • Taslen
    Jan 15, 2013
    Greetings to all my fellow archers SCA wide!!! I am Gaelen O'Gradaigh and I will be helping to set up the new archery newsletter that will go out with all the SCA's newsletters. My request is this, if you have articles you have written or illustrations you have created won't you please submit them for publication so that we all can benefit from them? I am attaching a Permission to Publish Consent Form. It can also be gotten off of the SCA.org website, the URL is as follows:  http://sca.org/docs/library.html#releaseforms. If you would fill one of them out and include with your submissions, it will be greatly appreciated. Also please forward this on to your kingdom's archery and herald groups.

                    Gaelen O'Gradaigh AoA
                    Midrealm archery marshal of the field
                    Co-editor of the upcoming SCA archery newsletter