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32641Re: Youth Age Brackets (was Junior Royal Rounds?)

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  • lekervere
    Jan 14, 2013
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      > At any age group, how do you supply encouragement to newer archers?
      The short answer is: novelty shoots.
      Shooting at paper for score is engaging for some, but others who do not often hit the center can grow tired of it fairly soon.
      I run a popinjay prize shoot for young archers a couple times a year. There is no counting for score. If you shoot the bird off the perch, you win the prize. This can keep children age 5 to 15 engaged for 90 minutes or more, even with delays for shooting in three groups because the line is crowded. The small target helps develop instinctive aim, and the shooters are encouraged as they get closer and closer to the bird. Their next shot could win a prize.
      Similar psychology holds for adult shooters. If the target is fun to shoot at, they are less discouraged by misses, and the next shot could be a hit.
      You can't do novelties at every shoot, but if the point of the event is to orient new archers and bring them into the sport, novelties may be the way to go.
      An interesting psychology experiment: for archers that are shooting all around the rim of the target, place a balloon over the bull's eye and see if their scores improve.

      Edward le Kervere
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