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32637Re: [SCA-Archery] Junior Royal Rounds?

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  • Suzanne Lacey
    Jan 13, 2013
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      Good points, Siegfried. The original question was because when I was writing the Archery Badge requirements, I assumed the Junior RR was something everyone had, and then it occurred to me that maybe not. Turns out, it was a good thing I asked. I'm keeping track of what the various kingdoms are reporting, which will give us a way to write these things so they can fit local usage without a shoe-horn. I've also appreciated the more philosophical answers like what the point is. Glad to see that most of us are on the same page philosophically. I began this with the idea that kid archery is about safety, learned skill, and fun.

      As far as fun goes, here is a photo of my grandson last August when he was just shy of 4-1/2. Unfortunately, he's about a 9 hour car ride away these days.

      <a href="http://s1122.photobucket.com/albums/l530/Goldenhind11/Target%20Archery/?action=view&amp;current=Declanshooting.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l530/Goldenhind11/Target%20Archery/Declanshooting.jpg" border="0" alt="Declan shooting"></a>

      Grandma is also holding the bow because 1) he's easily distracted, and 2) he discovered he could shoot the arrow over the shed, which is so cool!!! Hi ya!! He was only good for about 12 arrows, but was eager to shoot a couple of times a day. Would I take him to an SCA range? Nope. Maybe when he gets older and doesn't need a check on where that bow is aimed. I borrowed the bow and the arrows from our range. We keep about 8 kid bows on hand.


      On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 8:28 PM, Siegfried <siegfried@...> wrote:
      Because I didn't see a direct response for Atlantia, adding one:

      In Atlantia we have debated, back-n-forth for over a decade about having
      a Youth division for our Royal Round.

      When the debate is opened, it starts getting into 10/15/20 vs 10/20/30
      vs larger targets vs etc.

      In the end, over the years and after each re-debate every couple years.
       We end up deciding not to do it.  And our youth, if they choose to
      shoot a Royal Round, shoot an adult one.

      This, I would say, is for a number of reasons but primarily:

      There is *SO* much variation in youth skill for archery, and we in
      Atlantia have seen too many issues caused by this (especially at Pennsic
      where you get everyone coming out of the woodwork).   You get "Youth
      Archery" programs that are designed to cater to the youth looking for
      something to do to kill a few hours and 'have fun'.  Which is fine.

      But then you have a 10yr old who has been shooting since he was 5 and
      can outshoot most adults show up.  And suddenly no other 'youth' has a
      chance.   Which then leads you into going into weird rules about "If you
      score over X", which then just encourages youth to throw a score, etc.
       It's not a 'good situation' IMO/In our opinion.

      You end up regulating based on score, or on age, or ... and it just
      seems to not serve the youth who just wants to have fun.   Plus honestly
      I've seen more Youth in Atlantia get excited by the fact they are
      shooting with the adults.


      Oh, and secondly, We have a strong tradition in Atlantia of pushing
      towards 'fun shoots' anyway.   We never (hardly ever) shoot a Royal
      Round, or IKAC at an event.  That's something you do at practice, if you
      want to, just as a way to give yourself a POV on your progression as an

      At events it's all about novelty shoots and just having fun with a bow.

      To that end, we DEFINATELY want to make sure that kids even at practices
      are having fun.  And honestly, shooting a 'Youth Royal Round' isn't
      really fun.   At least until you are old enough to get into the
      competitive nature of it.  And then, you are old enough to be shooting
      the adult version.

      Hence at most local practices I know (I have 2-4 youth who show up at
      mine).   We set up a standard 20/30/40 range for adults to shoot Royals
      on.   But then put a bunch of stuffed animals or other such targets on
      the ground around 10yds away for the youth to have fun shooting at.

      ok ok, and us adults enjoy it as well ;)


      Barun Siegfried Sebastian Faust, OP - Baron Highland Foorde - Atlantia
      http://hf.atlantia.sca.org/ - http://crossbows.biz/ - http://eliw.com/

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