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32567Re: [SCA-Archery] SCA wide archery newsletter?

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  • Chris Ivins
    Jan 9, 2013
      Sir Jon,
      I would love to be a part of this, but I don't think I have much knowledge or skills to contribute. I have only been shooting Archery for a little over a year, so I have a limited amount of experience in the missile arts to write any stories/articles that would be of any value. The only applicable experience I have is some proofreading, though that, sadly, is limited, too. I may not be able to contribute, but I wholeheartedly support this project, and if there is anything I can do, please contact me off-list.

      In Service,                
                       Lord Iurii Levchenich - Junior TAM, Barony of Adiantum(An Tir)
                       Deputy to the Honorable Lady Johanna Trewpeny, Archery Marshal of Adiantum
                       Arcuarius to Gawin of Kevelioc

      From: John Edgerton <sirjon1@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 10:48 AM
      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] SCA wide archery newsletter?

      Just a little more information on how the archery newsletter would be made available. It would be on the same web page with the monthly kingdom newsletters, so SCA publications would handle the on-line publication.  But, we would need to do the production. Jon

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