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32560Re: [SCA-Archery] SCA wide archery newsletter?

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  • Taslen
    Jan 9, 2013
      I'll start reviewing policys I havent been a web chronicler for a few years.

      Gaelen ( who also has arthritis in the spine)

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      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] SCA wide archery newsletter?

      everyone wishing to help would probably be well served to read both the sca , and their kingdoms chroniclers policies , as the same rules will probably apply.
      unfortunately I just started school , since I was diagnosed with arthritis in the spine , I needed to find a job using my brain instead of my back and get the proper training to do that job, so I'm short on excess time right now : (
      but it sounds like a great idea, and hopefully I will be able to add to the articles , pictures etc.
      Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 10:42 PM
      Subject: [SCA-Archery] SCA wide archery newsletter?

      I have learned that the BoD is considering acting on a request I sent then last July. This request was to set up the sca electronic newsletter site to allow society wide newsletters for the various SCA activities such as martial, arts and sciences and service, etc.  Of particular interest to us is an archery newsletter. This is in addition to the supplemental newsletters that kingdoms can put out. Changes will have to be made to the web site to allow this to be done. 

      So, since this is likely to happen, we should consider what the archery community can do make this work. We will need a group to manage and edit the newsletter and to encourage submissions to it. It can have information on archery events,current scores for society wide competitions, short useful bits of information and reviews of suppliers and books as well as articles, photos and archery art. And anything else that would be appropriate. It would contain both target archery and combat archery information.  The information in such a newsletter would be useful to many archers and could also demonstrate a sense of archery community. 

      I hope we have some people in this group that are interested in working on such a project. I can provide some articles for it.  However, I have no background in publishing newsletters. 

      Please crosspost this to any local archery groups and give them subscription information for this group. 


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