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32543Re: [SCA-Archery] Proposed Rules For New Grand Archery Shoot "Schutzenfest"

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  • Jim Pickette
    Jan 4, 2013
      The rule still seems 'bass ackwards' to its intent.


      ---- Des & Jan Howard <djhoward@...> wrote:
      > Gladius
      > In Lochac, because of our insurance requirements, all
      > activities be it a Crown Tourney, a yearly war, a
      > weekly baronial/shire practice, an A&S evening or a
      > monthly household gathering are the same. All are
      > announced, all are official events, not all would be in
      > the Calendar.
      > Ranif
      > On 5/01/2013 1:02 PM, James Koch wrote:
      > > To be official, the competition must be shot at an
      > > event listed on the Calendar of the kingdom in which it
      > > will be held. Unlike Royal Round and IKAC shoots, GATs
      > > may not be shot at practices or unofficial gatherings
      > > even if enough participants are present. This rule has
      > > been added to assure the maximum number of participants
      > > the opportunity to compete.
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