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32540Re: [SCA-Archery] Proposed Rules For New Grand Archery Shoot "Schutzenfest"

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  • Jim Pickette
    Jan 4, 2013
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      Dear Gladius -
      This is a great help to those who wish GOA and related awards. How does it help the un-ranked ?


      ---- James Koch <alchem@...> wrote:
      > Gentlemen & Ladies,
      > >
      > From time to time over the years a discussion
      > starts on this forum regarding the creation of a
      > new type of tournament to augment the Royal
      > Round, IKAC & etc... Many people do not believe
      > that the existing standardized competitions give
      > a well rounded view of the skill of many
      > archers. Some people expressed the need for a
      > way of recording and comparing the standings of
      > competitors in large tournament shot at SCA
      > events. More recently we had the discussion
      > pertaining to finding and recognizing the top
      > archers in the SCA. This was engendered by the
      > news that the BOD was considering the possibility
      > of new martial Peerages in addition to
      > Knighthoods for armored combatants. The idea was
      > suggested that we need something in the archery
      > community similar to the crown tournaments of the armored combatants.
      > A number of us realized that the task of
      > designing such a tournament could not be
      > accomplished in a large public forum. We
      > therefore formed a small group to hash out how
      > such a non standardized tournament could be run,
      > scored, what rules would be required, and how the
      > scores could be tabulated, recorded, and displayed.
      > Late last Summer a Grand Archery Tournament was
      > held in the Middle Kingdom according to these
      > rules as a test. As a result of the test
      > tournament, the rules were modified and
      > improved. Additionally a spread sheet was
      > created to automatically calculate the percentile
      > rankings once the raw scores were entered.
      > We believe the proposed rules are now ready for
      > public comment prior to creating the scores
      > page. These follow. We welcome your feedback.
      > >
      > Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
      > >
      > >
      > Welcome to the Grand Archery Tournament Official
      > page! The Grand Archery Tournament, GAT for
      > short, is a system that allows all the archers in
      > the Knowne World to compete in local tournaments
      > and compare their performance to archers
      > elsewhere in the SCA. Many archers shoot Royal
      > Rounds, IKACs, and similar standardized
      > competitions where the target type, ranges, and
      > number of ends are the same whenever shot. A
      > means needed to be devised to record scores and
      > compare archer’s resulting standings in
      > non-standardized tournaments as shot at most
      > large events where archery is included. The GAT
      > is an attempt to address this need.
      > The intent of the GAT is therefore to allow
      > scores obtained during non-standardized shoots to
      > be recorded, and competitor’s final standings to
      > be calculated based on their performance relative
      > to the other shooters. For the sake of fairness
      > at this time the GAT is divided into only two
      > simple divisions, one for hand bows, and one for
      > crossbows. A Grand Archery Tournament consists
      > of one or many shoots, each with a numeric
      > score. Once the shoots have been completed, all
      > of the participant’s scores are submitted to the
      > Keeper Of The GAT who will calculate the
      > resulting standing of each shooter relative to
      > the other competitors. The winner of the
      > tournament will be assigned a standing of 100,
      > while the others will have standings calculated
      > as a percentage of the winner’s score.
      > The formula for calculating standings is as follows.
      > Standing = ((Score – Lowest-score) / (Highest-score – Lowest-score)) * 100
      > In a GAT where eight crossbow shooters turned in
      > numeric scores of 33, 29, 20, 20, 19, 13, 12, and
      > 8, the resulting standings would be 100, 84, 48, 48, 44, 20, 16, and 0.
      > The participant’s “name”, “kingdom”, “division”
      > (bow type), “total GATs entered”, “sum of all
      > standings”, “tournament place and date, and
      > standing” are then recorded. A record is posted
      > to the GAT scores page. Only participants who
      > have shot at least one tournament with a standing
      > of 50 or higher will have their record
      > automatically posted to the scores page. This
      > cut off is necessary due to space and other
      > limitations too numerous to list here. If you
      > have shot one or more GATS and none of your
      > standings have reached the 50% or above
      > threshold, you may contact the keeper of the
      > scores and request that a record be displayed
      > showing your standings down to whatever limit you
      > deem necessary, and your record will be added to the GAT standings page.
      > In the above example where eight crossbow
      > shooters participated, only the individuals who
      > earned standings of 100 and 84 would have records
      > automatically added to the scores page, if they
      > did not already have a previous record
      > posted. If one of the shooters with a score of
      > 48 already had one earlier GAT tournament posted,
      > with a standing of 60, his “total GATs entered”
      > would be increased to 2 and his “sum of all
      > standings” would total 60 + 48 = 108.
      > If you have any questions, comments, or
      > criticisms, do not hesitate to write to me Joe The Scorekeeper.
      > Marshal Accounts
      > If you are a marshal, have not already gotten an
      > account, and would be willing to submit your
      > scores via the site, please send me an email with
      > "Account Request" as the subject. The email must
      > include your Mundane name, Scadian Name, Home
      > Kingdom/Group, and Email address. Scores which
      > are submitted via the site will be given priority
      > for getting approved and included in the official standings.
      > Grand Archery Tournament “GAT” Format and Requirements
      > Any archery competition can be designated a
      > GAT. However, if the resulting standings are to
      > be calculated and posted to the official GAT
      > scores page, the following criteria must be met.
      > A minimum of 20 hand bow and/or 6 crossbow
      > competitors must enter the GAT to assure the
      > presence of a range of skill levels among the
      > shooters. If too few competitors enter, the
      > scores for that division will not be valid and
      > will not be calculated and posted to the official
      > GAT scores page. The GAT is intended as an
      > advanced tournament and as such does not AT THIS
      > TIME offer a youth division. However, all
      > archers are welcome to compete regardless of age
      > and ability. What if you don’t have enough
      > people to hold a GAT in your area? 1) Train more
      > archers. 2) Invite skilled competitors from
      > surrounding kingdoms. 3) Design a competition
      > made up of shoots that can be reproduced and shot
      > at several events in several locations. So long
      > as the locations provide similar conditions, the
      > standings can be accurately calculated. As an
      > example, if there are only 6 crossbow shooters in
      > your entire kingdom, devise a tournament that can
      > be set up at two or three events that all six
      > crossbow shooters can attend. This could simply
      > consist of a Royal Round or a RR and one or more
      > novelty shoots. Announce on your kingdom
      > calendar that a GAT will be shot at the X, Y, and
      > Z events. Once the shoots are complete, submit
      > the individual RR scores to your kingdom
      > scorekeeper, and submit the combined RR and any
      > novelty shoot scores to the Keeper Of The
      > GAT. Of the 6 scores submitted, the top 2 or 3
      > shooters will have their standings posted to the GAT scores page.
      > To be official, the competition must be shot at
      > an event listed on the Calendar of the kingdom in
      > which it will be held. Unlike Royal Round and
      > IKAC shoots, GATs may not be shot at practices or
      > unofficial gatherings even if enough participants
      > are present. This rule has been added to assure
      > the maximum number of participants the
      > opportunity to compete. So long as you can get
      > enough people to compete to meet the minimum
      > number requirements, your kingdom can host as
      > many GATs per year as you wish. Ideally a large
      > kingdom ought to host multiple GATs far enough
      > apart to allow everyone a chance to submit a score.
      > Equipment that is allowed in your kingdom
      > according to your archery rules may be used in a
      > GAT. Each GAT consists of two Divisions: Open
      > Handbow, including period and modern equipment,
      > and Open Crossbow, also including period and
      > modern equipment. Any shoot with a numeric score can be included in a GAT.
      > Certain basic information must be recorded and
      > provided to the scorekeeper. This information
      > must include The date or dates of the shoot, the
      > place or places where the shoot was held,
      > consisting of kingdom and group, the names of the
      > participants, their home groups, their home
      > kingdoms, their division (bow type), and their
      > numeric score. Ties do not present a
      > problem. If a participant was unable to complete
      > the shoot for some reason, the partial score will
      > be provided. If no partial score is provided, a
      > score of zero will be assigned. Only the top 50%
      > of submitted scores will be calculated and posted
      > to the GAT standings page. So non-completion of
      > a GAT due to illness or an equipment failure will
      > not adversely affect an individuals posted standing.
      > To ease and assist submitting the scores, a
      > scores entry page has been created. Data may be
      > entered in any order. The resulting standings
      > will be posted to the official page within two weeks.
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