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32454RE: [SCA-Archery] The Mary Rose

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  • Michael Scherrer
    Dec 4, 2012
      I got the set a couple of years ago, less than a $100 at the time.
      It is a very dry to the point reference book.  How many, how long, how heavy etc.
      If you want to know about the bows, arrow shafts and other weapons aboard, it
      will tell what has been found,.
      Still cheaper than what the kids are paying for some books in College
      which they use for one semester..

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      Nope.  The Amazon review sounds worthwhile.  However, the price ....!


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      Has anyone seen the treatment of archery in either Weapons of Warre: The Armaments of the Mary Rose or Before the Mast: Life and Death Aboard the Mary Rose???
      Charles O'Connor

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