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  • James of the Lake
    Nov 22, 2012
      Thanks, Sir Jon!

      "the small font makes for slow reading for me"

      That's the same problem I have with Eric Roth's book.  Fortunately, the Kindle version of Wadge has the advantage of enlarging the font size.  And I don't have to store another paper book.


      On Nov 22, 2012, at 11:56 AM, John Edgerton wrote:


      I just received "Who Were the Bowmen of Crecy? Archery in Medieval England" by Richard Wadge who also wrote "Arrowstorm: The archer in the Hundred Years War". It just came out this month. It can be found on Amazon at:


      It is both in hardcover and Kindle.

      So far I have only read as far as the fourth chapter, the small font makes for slow reading for me. However, I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the early history of archery in England. It is foot-noted with a bibliography and well written.

      Here is a list of the chapter headings: 1) Popular archery after the norman conquest. 2) Law of archery before the black death. 3) Bows and arrows as part of medieval life. 4) Archery for sport and practice. 5) Breaking the law. 6) Hunting practices in Medieval England. 7) Hunting and poaching. 8) Contemporary evidence for bows and arrows in medieval England. 9) What drove the rise of the English longbowman?

      Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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