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32366Sammy The Wonder Bow

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  • Caley
    Oct 28, 2012
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      Some months back, I asked for recommendations for a low poundage CA bow, and
      someone, I forget who, suggested a Samick 66 Takedown. I ordered one and it
      arrived, but I was unable to attend an event until this weekend. It *far*
      exceeded any expectations I had. It shot so smoothly I don't even need my
      arm guard, so I took it off (I was doing target shooting, not CA). The low
      draw weight put no strain whatsoever on my bad shoulder, although by late
      afternoon, my left shoulder was just beginning to feel a bit sore. This is
      hands down the *BEST* bow I've ever owned!

      My longbow, Pegasus, was good, but the string slapped my lower forearm and
      wrist so badly, I needed a heavy leather arm guard lined with closed cell
      foam to use it.

      My crossbow, Trusty, is good, but it has a hair trigger; if you breathe on
      this thing, it fires. I lost many arrows, almost shot someone, and broke the
      same finger twice with it. It won me two archery tournaments, but....

      This Samick 66 Takedown is PERFECT!!!! I've named *her* (my other bows
      were/are 'male') Sammy The Wonder Bow.

      To the Good Gentle who recommended this bow, you have my undying gratitude;
      this is the best bow I've ever owned, or even used.

      THANK YOU!!!!!

      Caoilainn De Bhulbh, She-wolf of Limerick
      "If Normal is relative, it must be a very distant relative..."


      Caley Woulfe
      Owl's Nest, Meridies
      Kennesaw, GA
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