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  • lekervere
    Oct 3, 2012
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      OK, my reply is horribly late on this subject, but the information is relevant.
      I like the idea of scoring on the spread of the group. 100 yards is a distance that can be reached by most of the target bows already on the range. I know this because at a shoot this last August we tried shooting at a mark placed at 125 yards. Some of the archers shooting lighter bows had to move up 10 or 20 yards in order to reach the mark. As far as grouping the arrows, that's a lot harder. Far fewer than half of the arrows landed within a bow length of the mark. That's a 12 foot circle. About a third of the arrows were outside a 36 foot circle. Obviously, most of these archers had no previous practice at distance shooting. It was really fun though.
      An interesting note: I switched to a heavier bow in order to reach the mark at 125 yards. While shooting the next morning I discovered I could reach it with my regular target bow. This was accomplished by drawing to my chest instead of my cheek. This was with the same bow, the same arrows, drawn to the head, at the same angle( I had someone stand off and check. By drawing to my chest I could shoot 20 yards farther. I think it might be because my hand is braced flat on my chest and my release is consequently smoother. It might also be the geometry of my arms losing less energy in the recoil. In any case, its worth 20 yards.

      Edward le Kervere

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "The Greys" <cogworks@...> wrote:
      > Personally, I really like the Five Pillars challenge. HOWEVER, I would choose to make one change to it. The Ability to Strike From A Distance becomes a simple matter of bow poundage, i.e. higher draw weight, farther flight of shaft. Yes, yes, I know there are other factors but in reality a 30 pound bow is not going to shoot an arrow as far as a 55 pound bow. So I would suggest a change wherein the archer shoot 3 arrows. Only arrows landing 100 yards or more from the archer count. Any arrow falling short scores a penalty amount. The score is, in inches, the length of a string wrapped around the three shafts at the base where they are stuck in the ground. If they are not stuck in the ground then the measurement is to the shaft's point. This then mandates that the shafts must fly at least 100 yards for distance BUT also land very close to each other instead of being sprayed all over the field. To me this equalizes the issue of bow poundage and better measures the Ability To Strike From A Distance, i.e. can the archer actually hit something at distance or just nuisance them by landing arrows "near" them.
      > While I am not a victim of winter weather as others are, I appreciate the need to keep the challenge within 20 yards. Thus my choice this time around would be the Triangle shot. It seems sneakily diabolical and I like that!
      > cog
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