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32239Re: Horn Nocks

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  • aelric_southlake
    Sep 14, 2012
      Jon, great idea. And thank you for direction to the pic. That raises so many questions! And wow! I'd only read about the cast brass nocks, didn't imagine they were tanged. This means that indeed, as suggested, the 3 Rivers tanged bone and horn nocks COULD be quasi-appropriate (if, I would imagine, you reinforced the tang hole with linen or sinew wrap).

      I was hoping to make my next batch of arrows out of the 3 Rivers tapered shafts, but was told they were back ordered with "no foreseeable" delivery date. "could be up to 6 months"...So among other things, I'm looking for another source of tapered shafts. I'm not ready to start making my own shafts yet, ha ha ha SOMEDAY!

      > You can also attach the horn to a short section of shaft and insert the shaft...
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