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  • John Edgerton
    Sep 14, 2012
      You could make your own.  But, you would need a mini-lathe and a drill press and make parallel, rather than tapered fit for the shafts. And I would suggest practicing using Delrin instead of horn till you work out the method. I used to make "bulbous" nocks for olde style combat arrows that way. 


      From: aelric_southlake <magnetcoil@...>
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      Sent: Fri, September 14, 2012 9:04:48 AM
      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Re: Horn Nocks


      Thanks for replies.  Don't mean the 'sliver of horn' type nock reinforcement. Or the 'wedge of horn' type. I should have explained.  My periods-of-interest lean toward Migration, "viking" type stuff (and well up to 2nd Crusade, but as far as this current archery pursuit goes, more the former).

      I have seen examples of  the "chunky extra wood at the end" type "viking" nocks, which I may try someday if I ever make a shaft from scratch. But SOMEWHERE in my diggings and searchings (and of course, I won't be able to find it now) I came across references to cast bronze nocks (Birka) and this notion that they might've also carved nocks from bone or horn. I can't remember how it was phrased, but the impression I got was an implication of "over the shaft"/ applied nock (like a modern nock, but probably none too streamlined).

      I have some self nocks arrows that don't have reinforcement of any kind - that's ok, but they seem somehow 'wrong' to me.  The 'sliver of horn' method arrows look very late period - I say this only because of the context they're usually presented in.  I SURELY am no authority - not even a well informed novice.  All of this has led me to start digging around for a method of nock reinforcement that would work for what we might generically call "early period."

      I'm not really set up to cast bronze, so I thought maybe a carved bone or horn nock would do. Something in the neighborhood of the profile of those "chunky extra wood at the end" period examples.

      In my first post I probably should have led with "Nock reinforcement for 'Early Period' arrows?" ha ha ha...   Any other info, thoughts, direction would be, as always, greatly appreciated.

      Oh, and I've seen those same nocks (from the link) on e-bay (sold out). Interesting, but strangely modern looking. Raptor Archery makes a horn nock arrow (expensive, but GORGEOUS) with a nock that is a bit more in step with what I was visualizing.  I told him he should make a youtube vid on how to make them, ha ha ha... 

      ~ Aelric, West K

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