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3213SV: [SCA-Archery] painting/finishing wood bows

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    Jul 12, 2000
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      I eant to leav this mailinglist


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      Datum: den 1 augusti 2000 23:44
      Ämne: Re: [SCA-Archery] painting/finishing wood bows

      >I have had bowmakers recommend to me lemon oil, linseed oil, and tung oil
      >applied liberally and daily over about a week. The occasionally as needed
      >(after use).
      >An uncle used equal parts linseed oil and tung oil with a touch of kerosene
      >(mebbe 10%). I don't know how kerosene would effect some of the glues used
      >in laminated bows but it shouldn't hurt a bow made from a single piece of
      >wood. My uncle claimed that the kerosene kept away mold, mildew, etc. that
      >you might get with just the natural oils.
      >Not sealing the bow is always an option as long as you keep it oiled.
      >Otherwise paste wax or a matt shellac or urethane sealant would probably
      >Earl Albrecht <ealbrecht@...> said:
      >> Heilsa,
      >> I just got my first traditional bow and it has no finish, varnish or
      >> paint. I'm wondering what would be best to handle the Texas heat and
      >> humidity. Any thoughts?
      >> Erik the Black
      >> (Earl Albrecht)
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