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31946butts Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Period targets, where to get `em? how to m ake `em?

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  • JDS
    Aug 13, 2012
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      Certainly You may use me as a good or bad example
      you might also be interested in the folding foam
      York target that folds down to
      ~2 foot wide By ~4 foot long and a foot thick
      We Use Saunder's Matts & stands, same stands and Foam,
      Hay bales,Foam bales, a cardboard box full of grocery sacks
      and a few other thing s

      In service
      An Tir

      Johan: I have been mulling ways to make a period/peri-oid target for some time, and had also considered "modern materials covered by good-ole burlap." That may yet be the way to go for me. Portabitlity is no small matter. Plus, you've given me the invaluable fallback of "Well that's how they do it in AnTir!" ha ha ha (My lady said I need to add smileys, cuz not everyone thinks I'm funny)