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3191Re: [SCA-Archery] bow cases

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  • Rupert Gaddy
    Aug 1, 2000
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      You can make your own hard case of PVC by getting a large diameter piece of
      pipe, and two screw on end caps and a little PVC glue.....I suggest some
      small vent holes as well so you don't get condensation problems.

      Ld Rupert the Persistent

      At 06:47 PM 7/31/00 -0400, you wrote:
      >In regards to bow cases, I think Innes said it best. I have soft linen
      >or cloth bow bags for going up to the range from camp or dragon, but
      >while traveling to an event or especially Pennsic I have a hard PVC
      >fishing rod case that will allow me to carry three longbows(each in
      >their own bags). I also carry my arrows in a separate hard case when
      >travelling and then transfer the ones that I wish to my quiver. As
      >careful as we all try to be when packing for travel,
      >there is the inevitable accident of the cook stove or something heavy
      >and hard rolling over onto your precious and fragile archery tackle.
      >Many archers of cultures outside of western Europe had hard cases as a
      >matter of course, but the traditional longbowmen of Britain mostly used
      >linen bags(if this is a consideration). But then they normally carried
      >their gear on their person, not in jam packed vans or station wagons
      >with everything else.
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