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31680RE: [SCA-Archery] Poll results

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  • Joe Klovance
    Jul 3, 2012
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      I have posted the STV manipulated poll, "Archery poll.xls" in the files section of the Yahoo group, and a few interesting results came out.
      1. There is a majority for "Treaty" but not quite a super majority and it took eliminating all but 2 options to get to a majority.
      2. Even with removing 3 of 5 options over 82% got their first or second option.
      3. Only 2% went to the fourth option.

      I agree that it would have been better if it was clear that one did not have to rank all options. It could have been done so some options could have been left blank. Survey Monkey does not do this well as it can not check that a higher rank is used before a lower rank is used. For example, someone could have voted 2, ,4, ,5. That would require a first pass to normalize the data so that a vote like that would come out 1, ,2, ,3 as that is the priority order.

      Having said that I believe that the poll even after the STV manipulation has a valid result.

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