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  • James W
    May 1, 2012
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      First choice would be to make a unbacked wooden bow.

      If you have to back the bow, don't use linen. Instead, use fiberglass cloth tape designed for sealing seams in boat building.

      Just because linen is period doesn't make a linen backed bow period. There are no examples of period bows being backed by linen nor any evidence that I am aware of it ever being done in period. Sinew backing, sure, there's plenty of evidence of that.

      Fiberglass cloth will dry clear giving the appearance of unbacked bow and, hence, a more period looking bow. In addition, the fiberglass cloth will offer more protection from the bow breaking when using less then ideal wood which is the only point of backing with linen. If one is concerned about fiberglass giving an unfair advantage, that would apply to a proper fiberglass lamination strip but not really to the cloth tape I am suggesting.

      I realize that on some traditional bowyer forums the use of fiberglass including the cloth tape variety is taboo but fiberglass is not banned in the SCA.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "frode_kettilsson" <anthonyspangler@...> wrote:
      > I sympathize with the cost issues for new archers (my first bow was a
      > 30# wrist rattling fiberglass Martin, literally, it was the only kind I
      > could afford), and I applaud the creativity that allows a functioning
      > bow to be made from a PVC pipe. Hoobah! However, I have to agree with
      > Thomas and James, too. The cost in materials for a perfectly
      > serviceable linen backed red oak (or maple) board bow is less that $10,
      > and the tools to make it can be had for as little as $30! But, for lots
      > of Gentles, this is Mysterious Stuff, fraught with Danger! So here's a
      > question; we have people who will teach you to shoot, teach you to fight
      > heavy, to fence, to dance, to make cheese, and to properly yell "Oyez!"
      > Is there anything like this in place to teach people how to make their
      > own archery equipment? It would, of course, have to pass all the
      > necessary inspections, but with a qualified instructor at their elbow,
      > people often find themselves capable of the most astonishing things!
      > Trust me, if I can make a bow, anyone can make a bow!
      > Instructors would have to be able to advise and help with wood
      > selection, technique, tool use, finishing, etc., but the same must be
      > true of all the pursuits mentioned above. And, all of the Marshal's I
      > know can spot bad things, even if they are not bowyers themselves.
      > Is this something that already exists? Is it something that could
      > (should) be created? After all, we are an educational entity!
      > Just Askin'
      > Frode
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