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30400Re: [SCA-Archery] Mastery of archery vs missile sports

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  • Sher M
    Mar 10, 2012
      Actually this one makes sense.  It's already in place.  Easily adaptable to other Kingdoms and groups.  If something is already in place and WORKS then it makes sense (at least to me) to work from that point and go forward.
      Lady Runa of The Thundering Herd
      Barony of Raven's Fort
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      Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 10:53 AM
      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Mastery of archery vs missile sports


      The question currently being discussed revolves around archery only; "What is a master archer?"

      In An Tir (Order of the Gray Goose Shaft), and the West (The Royal Missile Company), we have expanded the GoA to include all missile activities.
      There was a flurry of discussion on this list that a new peerage should include of all non-rattan sports. That didn't happen. Let's not take the same approach to a Kingdom-wide GoA by limiting it to archery-only. There is merit in being inclusive of other missile activities. Here's a description of An Tir's Order of the Gray Goose Shaft:

      "The Order of the Grey Goose Shaft (OGGS) was created in the West Kingdom as a reward to those who had contributed greatly to the target and combat archery communities. Although the West Kingdom dropped the award in favor of the (Originally)Royal Company of Archers,(Currently) The Royal Missile Company, in the Principality, and later the Kingdom of An Tir, the OGGS flourished, rising from a non-armigerous award to its current Grant-level status. Members of the OGGS wear a medallion of a goose surrounded by four arrows as in a mascle. By tradition, members of the OGGS are permitted to use the title Archos (pronounced ar-kos) before their name and wear the white bracer as a symbol of the Order.

      The members of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft submit candidate recommendations to the Crown of An Tir. When considering candidates for inclusion in the Order, the members look for individuals that are well-rounded in target archery, missile combat, and/or thrown weapons. These individuals should embody exemplary skills, marshallate knowledge, war and tournament combat skills (if combat candidates), arts and sciences abilities, teaching, leadership, and the chivalric ideals and graces of the SCA.

      The membership of the OGGS includes some of the hardest working target archery, thrown weapons, and missile combat administrators in the Known World. The roll of the OGGS includes Peers, Barons, current and former Kingdom/Principality Royal Archers, Kingdom Protectors, Squires, Sergeants, and Yeomen; the current keeper of the Thrown Weapons Inter-kingdom Competition (TWIC), and a former Keeper of the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC).

      Members of the OGGS are permitted to take students who are known singularly as an Arcuarius or plurally as Arcuarii. The normal practice is for a member of the OGGS to approach prospective candidates and invite them to become an Arcuarius."

      An Tir Kingdom law says this about the Order:

      "Gray Goose Shaft may be offered by the Crown on the advice of the members of the order, for demonstrating exceptional skill and chivalry in one or more of the following areas: Target Archery, Combat Archery, Missile Combat, Thrown Weapons, Siege Weapons and Equestrian Archery; plus service to An Tir and its people, knowledge of the courtly graces, and obedience to the laws and ideals of An Tir and the Society.
      (1) Members of the Order of the Gray Goose Shaft shall be known as Archos.
      (a) Students of an Archos shall be known as Arcuarius"

      In Service,

      Arion the Wanderer

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